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Endless Sky is an open source 2D 'space trading' and 'combat' game, similar to the classic video game series: Escape Velocity (1996).

Endless Sky


  • License
    • Free (open source)
  • Price
    • Free
  • Operating system
    • Linux,
    • MacOS,
    • Windows
  • Game mode
    • Singleplayer
  • Genre
    • Action,
    • Adventure,
    • RPG,
    • Simulation,
    • Free to play

About the game Endless Sky

Work your way up from a relatively wimpy shuttle, cargo ship, or fighter, to a highly upgraded and customized flagship or to a massive fleet of warships or freighters. Earn money by carrying passengers or cargo, escorting convoys, bounty hunting, or plundering and capturing enemy ships.

Take sides in a civil war, or ignore the story line and just enjoy exploring the galaxy and blasting pirates. The main story line takes about 8-16 hours to play through. The galaxy contains hundreds of star systems and planets, and several alien species with their own unique technologies.

You can choose between more than fifty ships and several hundred ship upgrades. Anyone with a text editor and a paint program can create new ships, weapons or missions.

'Galaxy-editor' allows users to add their own star systems and planets in to the game.

World-ELS.jpg Map-endlessS.jpeg

Minimum system requirements

  • Memory: 350 MB RAM
  • Graphics Card: OpenGL 3.0
  • Storage area: 65 MB available space

Play game

Dowload Endless Sky:

  • Ubuntu (optional):
    • Option 1: Ubuntu software center
    • Option 2: "$sudo apt-get install endless-sky"

Steam.png Steam - Endless Sky

Logo-github.png GitHub - Endless Sky

Save game location

Linux: ~/.local/share/endless-sky/saves/
Windows: C:\Users\<Your Username>\AppData\Roaming\endless-sky\saves\
Mac OS X: ~/Library/ApplicationSupport/endless-sky/saves/


It is very easy to cheat in Endless Sky, anyone with a text editor can adjust the 'save games' to their own liking.

Take a look at the page: Endless Sky cheats.

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