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SF Network 'Random Website' is a web application that allows the user to visit a random page on the World Wide Web.

Random Website


  • Developer
    • SF Network
  • Launched
    • 9 april 2020
  • Programming language
    • PHP

About this web application 'Random Website'

Version 2.0:

'Random Website' Selects a random URL from the domains.txt url list[1] These URLs were obtained by the SF Network web crawler[2]. See the code of the random generator below:

Example, content, TXT:

 1593216002	https://sf-network.nl

Random generator example (PHP):

   $data = explode("\n", file_get_contents($file));
  $uris = [];
  foreach ($data as $v) {
      list($time, $url) = explode("\t", $v);
      array_push($uris, $url);
  $randomURL = $uris[rand(0, count($uris) -1)]; 
  $display = "<a target='_blank' href='".$randomURL."'> Link </a>";

Version 1.0:

  • Programming languages
    • JavaScript,
    • Jquery,
    • PHP

'Random Website' Selects a random search query from a list[3] with thousands of English words and phrases. This query is sent to the server, the server then retrieves the 10 [4]search results from the search engine startpage. All that remains to be done is to select a random URL, you now have a "random" website in front of you.

Random-website.png Domains.txt.png Data.json.schermafbeelding.png

Visit a random page on the World Wide Web

External links









  1. URL list
  2. version 2.0
  3. search list, Sources: 'wordlist.json', bevacqua, 'country-list', datahub.io, 'popular names', aruljohn and a lot of query's from TrackMeNot
  4. The maximum number of search results per page on startpage.com